The Team

Our ambassadors play an active role in testing our gear in the harshest environments across the globe, sharing stories and completing extraordinary feats of physical endurance. Our dedicated team of riders not only directly influence our products, but also inspire and motivate cyclists around the world to push their own boundaries and make their own adventure.

Molly Weaver

Molly Weaver

TERRITORY: United Kingdom

BIO: If you keep up to speed with FKTs on big routes, you'll probably have seen Molly's name pop up a fair bit, setting incredible times on some of the toughest routes going, such as the Blaenau 600, the Lakeland 200, Trans Cambrian Way Double. Molly is a former pro rider, and has since focused her energy on solo endurance riding.⁠

She always has her eyes on the next event or challenge, and we love her relaxed approach to riding despite being one of the fastest riders off-road.