An Event-Full Year

An Event-Full Year

Here at Restrap we’re proud to support some of the best events in the 2022 calendar. We’ve listed a breakdown of the events we’ll be partnering with this year, with a bit of information on each.


May 20th

A race in its first year, Kromvojoj draws inspiration from the very landscape it traverses through. ‘Kromvojoj’ (pronounced Krom-voy-oi) is a word in Esperanto that describes possible and diverse paths, which encapsulates the ethos behind the event, in which the route takes in varied back roads and ancillary paths through historic towns and villages of Catalonia, Spain.⁠

Kromvojoj aims to bring riders together through competition along a spectacular route organised by passionate ultra-endurance racers, who have placed a firm focus on community building and a down-to-earth approach.⁠

Here at Restrap we’re proud to support the Kromvojoj team, and help them grow the race into an event that’ll be on everyone’s spotlight.⁠ As part of Kromvojoj’s inclusive approach, we’re also supporting Anna Bello, who has joined Kromvojoj under their mentorship scheme, which gets riders into the sport of ultra endurance racing.



June 17th

The premiere gravel event in the UK, Gritfest is a two-day multi-stage race which takes in some of the best off road and gravel trails in South Wales, making the most of the incredible scenery near Llandovery, on the edge of the Brecon Beacons. 

We’ll be down at the event showing off some of our kit, chatting to riders and getting stuck in ourselves. Head over to to learn more. 

pan celtic

Pan Celtic Race & Pan Celtic Gravel Rally

Since its inception in 2019, we’ve been closely affiliated with the Pan Celtic Race. The main thing we loved about the Pan Celtic Race was the sheer enthusiasm of it’s team of organisers. Their aim from the outset was to be an inclusive race, made for riders of all backgrounds and abilities, which echoes our approach to bikepacking as a whole. ⁠

With varied annual routes taking in the six Celtic nations; Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Isle of Man, Cornwall and Brittany, the race makes full advantage of the spectacular scenery found in the UK and Northern France, which each Celtic nation offering a unique flavour and character to the event.⁠ This year they have launched the inaugural Gravel Rally, to run alongside the main race in July.

We've been proud to support the race from it's beginning, and we're continuing that support this year. To learn more about the race, check out the video below:

gravel attack

Gravel Attack

July 16th

A 150km gravel race based in Poland, Gravel Attack is organised by an experienced team of ultra endurance and gravel riders and is designed to give riders a flavour of the amazing off-road trails and fire-roads in Poland in the historical region of Silesia. The route is packed with breathtaking views, tough climbs and technical descents, and will test riders limits.

Learn more at:


Gravelman Series

As part of our long-term partnership with Steven Lehyaric, we're proud to announce that we will be supporting his events series 'Gravelman'. ⁠These events will take riders across scenic off-road trails across Europe, from Tuscany to Flanders, and everything in between, on incredible routes throughout all of France.

Steven’s philosophy is to give riders a taste of ultra endurance adventures, in a non-competitive, friendly and inclusive environment. To learn more about the Gravelman series and look at the event calendar, head over to


Further & Further East

Aug 26th & Sept 23rd

A fresh and intriguing race with a down-to-earth, grass-roots approach. The core ethos of Further is something we resonate deeply with - a focus on simplicity and a stripped back approach, all for the love of racing and bikepacking in amazing places.⁠

Designed to be a tough race from start to finish, Further is an event that keeps the spirit of adventure at its core. With a focus on exploring deep into uncharted territory mainly off-road, Camille’s routes are well renowned for testing riders limits, while also rewarding them for their efforts with spectacular scenery and unique riding.⁠

We truly admire this approach, which is why we will be supporting this years events: Further Perseverance (Pyrenees), and Further East (East of England).⁠

atlas mr

Atlas Mountain Race

October 1st

The Atlas Mountain Race is a self sufficient endurance race through the dry arid landscapes of the Atlas mountain range in Morocco. The race is primarily offroad, taking in amazing gravel roads, single track and forgotten trails.⁠ It's a tough race on both rider and kit, so we're glad to lend our hand in supporting the race, and doing what we can to make sure the riders are set up with kit they can depend on.


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