Racing the Atlas

Racing the Atlas

Embarking on the trails of the Atlas Mountain Race requires more than just skill and determination—it demands meticulous planning and the right gear. As a bikepacking brand committed to enabling adventures, we're thrilled to have some of our ambassadors gearing up for this epic race. Today, we're excited to showcase the bike setup of one of our ambassadors who's taking on this extraordinary journey, along with a glimpse into what our other ambassadors are riding.

Jamie Ramsay's setup

A true adventurer at heart, there’s no trip that’s too short, too hard or too far for Jamie. Over the years, Jamie has run from Vancouver to Argentina, cycled 10,000km around the UK, 7,500km across the USA, 4,500km across Australia, and more. This is Jamie's first ultra endurance race in a competitive setting.

jamie ramsay atlas

Jamie will be riding a Specialized Chisel with a mixture of bags - he's using a Race Frame Bag, Race Saddle Bag, Race Top Tube Bag, Rear Top Tube Bag, Race Aero Bar Bag and Tech Bag up front. He's adorned the rest of the setup with Fast Straps, carrying extra layers for the changeable conditions.

You can see a full breakdown of everything he's taking here

Steven LeHyaric

An adventure addict, Steven is often found cycling across the toughest terrain on the planet, as part of his #666project. While he’s not putting in huge kilometers on his climate awareness expeditions, he’s regularly challenging the pointy end of an ultra endurance race. Steven has unfinished business at Atlas Mountain Race after 4th place last year, and he's aiming to be at the pointy end of the race.

Steven will be riding a similar setup to his previous expeditions and races, with a mixture of Bikepacking Range bags and Race Range kit.

restrap steven lehyaric

Angus Young & Megan Casebow

A racer through and through, Angus is happiest smashing out huge miles off road. He’s made waves at GBDuro, with a 2nd place finish and has since won the Pan Celtic Race, Dales Divide and Highland Trail 550, where he also set FKTs on the route. He also holds the record for the 7,600km European Divide Trail, at 32 days 6 hours and 28 mins. The list goes on. Angus will be taking on Atlas Mountain Race as a pair with his partner Megan Casebow. 

restrap angus young

Thomas Boury

Thomas's relentless pursuit of challenges is evident in his conquest of mountainous off-road Fastest Known Times (FKTs) and participation in gruelling races like the Atlas Mountain Race, Hope 1000, Two Volcano Sprint, and numerous others. After a winter of heavy training, Thomas is aiming to win, so it could be all to play for.

thomas boury restrap

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