The Team

Our ambassadors play an active role in testing our gear in the harshest environments across the globe, sharing stories and completing extraordinary feats of physical endurance. Our dedicated team of riders not only directly influence our products, but also inspire and motivate cyclists around the world to push their own boundaries and make their own adventure.

Flint Zeigler & Scarlet Zeigler

Flint Zeigler & Scarlet Zeigler

TERRITORY: United States

BIO: We've featured Flint & Scarlet Zeigler a few times on our socials and blog. Scarlet and her dad Flint regularly head out bikepacking together and put in big miles, with the most notable being the entire Great Divide Trail - a 3,000 mile epic that runs through the Rockies from Canada down to the Mexican Border (known for being the route used on the Tour Divide). Pretty incredible considering Scarlet is 13 and an absolute badass.

Both Scarlet and Flint have been writing to us since roughly 2019 about their inspiring riding, so we've made the decision to welcome them both to the Restrap team as ambassadors.