The Team

Our ambassadors play an active role in testing our gear in the harshest environments across the globe, sharing stories and completing extraordinary feats of physical endurance. Our dedicated team of riders not only directly influence our products, but also inspire and motivate cyclists around the world to push their own boundaries and make their own adventure.

Josh Reid

Josh Reid

TERRITORY: United Kingdom

BIO: Content creator Josh Reid is a dab hand when it comes to long distance riding. He’s cycled from Shanghai to the UK, and taken on some of the most difficult ultras on the calendar, such as Atlas Mountain Race, Trans Continental Race, and Migration Gravel Race, amongst others. He’s been known to ride to and from these events too, making the most of the time on two wheels and exploring the world.

Simply loving being on the bike and riding as much as possible is the aim of the game for Josh, and we’re glad to have him on the team as an inspiration to simply ride more.

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