The Team

Our ambassadors play an active role in testing our gear in the harshest environments across the globe, sharing stories and completing extraordinary feats of physical endurance. Our dedicated team of riders not only directly influence our products, but also inspire and motivate cyclists around the world to push their own boundaries and make their own adventure.

Seun Alaba

Seun Alaba


BIO: After dipping his toes into riding and bikepacking, Seun started off ultra racing as part of the Ultra Distance Scholarship, and after taking part in the Pan Celtic Race, became hooked on all things ultra and bikepacking. Since then Seun has branched out into different races and events, being a friendly face on community rides and an advocate for BAME within the sport of cycling.

Seun also sees cycling as a way to tackle having Type 1 diabetes and uses his voice to raise awareness about riding with the condition.

We love Seun’s ‘all-in’ approach, and we’re thrilled to welcome such a dynamic and passionate individual to our team, as he continues to inspire and make a positive impact in the cycling world.


photo by @harvey.waller and Albion Cycling