Meet the Riders - Tour Divide 2023

Meet the Riders - Tour Divide 2023

The Tour Divide is an epic cycling race that spans over 2,700 miles along the Continental Divide in North America. Known as one of the world's toughest mountain bike races, it challenges riders both physically and mentally. Starting in Banff, Canada, and ending in Antelope Wells, New Mexico, the route traverses through breathtaking landscapes, rugged terrains, and remote wilderness. 

Participants must navigate steep climbs, technical descents, and unpredictable weather conditions, testing their endurance and perseverance. The Tour Divide is a true test of grit and determination, attracting cyclists from around the globe who seek the ultimate adventure of conquering one of the most challenging races on Earth. You can see the race tracker below:

We’ve put together a list below of a few key riders who'll be using Restrap kit and tackling this year's event, so make sure you follow their dots on the race tracker.


steven lehyaric tour divide

Steven LeHyaric


Bike: Girs Nomade Carbone

No stranger to riding long distances through remote landscapes, Steven LeHyaric is aiming to be at the front of this years race. He runs the Gravelman Series of events, and also regularly races and rides huge trips many times throughout the year. Steven is a long-time ambassador for our brand, and you can learn more on his trips by going back through our blog.

With Steven's vast experience in ultra-distance riding, incredible endurance and consistent pace, he'll be one to watch. 


joe nation tour divide 2023

Joe Nation


Bike: Santa Cruz Highball

After seven years of professional Enduro World Series racing, he has made the move to bike packing for 2023. He's diving headfirst into the world of bike packing, where ultra-distance races push him to his limits both physically and mentally. He clinched victory in the Great British Divide in 2022, he has since poured all his energy into mastering this new craft and honing his skills. The transition from competitive racing to the wild challenges of long-distance bike packing presents a fresh set of obstacles, but he's eagerly embracing the chance to explore uncharted territories and chase adventure.

Joe has gone through his full pack list in a video over on his youtube channel, which you can see below:


Alex Howes


Bike: Cannondale Topstone Gravel

National Champion and experienced Grand Tour veteran, is no stranger to racing. However, his driving force extends beyond the pursuit of race results. What truly motivates Howes is the challenge and competition that cycling presents. As he looks ahead to the upcoming year, his focus remains on seeking out new opportunities to test his abilities and engage in thrilling battles with formidable rivals. For Howes, the joy lies in pushing his limits, experiencing personal growth, and embracing the excitement that comes from competitive cycling.



Title image - Flint Zeigler 

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