Cockpit bags offer convenient storage space within immediate reach. Designed to allow you quick access to essentials such as snacks, maps, and small gear, or electronics. Built with durability and weather resistance in mind, our cockpit bags allow you to boost your carrying capacity.


Frame Bags are an invaluable asset for riders seeking optimal storage solutions. With its attachment to the bike frame, they offer efficient and accessible storage space. Its positioning ensures balanced weight distribution and keeps your centre of gravity low. A frame bag is a great place to carry necessities such as tools, spare parts, and food in a secure and easily accessible manner, optimising overall performance and convenience on the road.

Faltbare Fahrradtaschen

Ob zum Pendeln oder in der Freizeit, mit der City Range können Sie alles, was Sie brauchen, dorthin mitnehmen, wo Sie es brauchen, in einem intelligenten System, das das einzigartige Design Ihres Fahrrads vollständig ergänzt.


Our Bar Bags are a highly functional option for riders that want to carry their kit where they need it. Bar Bags are an easily accessible option for bikepacking, allowing you to carry smaller or larger loads, depending on your trip. Our Bar Bags are designed to fit most bikes with ease. We have a wide range of different sizes and capacities to suit your bike.


Unsere schlanken Rolltop-Taschen sind auf Stärke, Stabilität und Ausdauer ausgelegt.


Our range of bags designed to fit onto racks, allowing you more options for loading up your bike to carry more on the road.


One of the most efficient places to store your kit on the bike is on the saddle rails.

From multi-day expeditions to shorter trips, the saddle bag's versatility and functional design streamline the process of carrying essential supplies, enhancing the overall efficiency and enjoyment of bikepacking journeys. Our Saddle Bags are designed to fit most bikes with ease. We have a wide range of different sizes and capacities to suit your needs on the road.


Our collection of backpacks, musette bags and more. Whether using these bags on the bike or not, our on-body bags allow you to carry the things you need in comfort, with heaps of functionality.


Our range of luggage straps that allow you to carry extra items with ease. Our straps are designed with functionality first, and durability second and offer you countless ways to load out your bike the way you want to.


The first ever Restrap product is still going strong, and since the very beginning we’ve made them the same way they always have been - by hand and in the UK, using reclaimed materials.


Unser Zubehör ist die perfekte Ergänzung für Ihr Abenteuer-Setup, auf oder neben dem Fahrrad. Von der Flüssigkeitszufuhr auf dem Fahrrad bis hin zum Tragen, was am wichtigsten ist, wir haben alles für Sie.

Käfige & Halterungen

Our range of mounting hardware, designed to be robust and make your bikepacking adventures easier and more enjoyable.


Our range of clothing is inspired by and designed for outdoor adventures, whether you're riding or engaging in other pursuits.


Essential bags and versatile components of our bikepacking products that be used independently or seamlessly complement other products in our lineup.